Our Services

Shield Resources Corporation (SRC) offers investors an integrated platform to manage all mineral resource and energy sector investments in compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Section 1502, and UK Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bribery, Corruption (ABC), and China anti-corruption law. Our service areas include the following:

Conflict-Affected High-Risk Area Geosurveys

  • G.I.S.-based information reconnaissance and detailed geologic mapping.
  • Geochemical rock and soil sampling surveys.
  • Property validation and assessment surveys.
  • Exploration lease and compliance surveys.

Emerging Market Geological Assessments

Our company is capable of executing the platform's services in the following emerging markets: Iraq, Yemen, Liberia-West Africa, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam.

Geophysical Surveys

  • Ground-based survey services include magnetic, VLF-EM, seismic, and petro-physics.
  • Airborne survey services include aeromagnetics, gravity, and Landsat imagery.

RFID Smartcard Technology

  • Asset tracking services include vehicles, mining, drilling, and communications.
  • Labor management services include safety, site security, time, and attendance.

Remote-Site Logistics

  • Communications services include satellite link, handheld radio, and satellite radio.
  • Transportation services include vehicle, fixed-wing, and helicopter.
  • Camp services include tent and semi-permanent housing structures.
  • Exploration services include drill rig support, geophysical equipment, and placer gold mining equipment.

Veteran Success Recruit - Training - Deployment

  • Proprietary Exploration & Mining Geology Intelligence Analysis, Training and Certificate Seminars for Military, Law Enforcement, Foreign Service & Intelligence Veterans.
  • Conflict-Affected High Risk-Area Energy & Conflict Mineral Supply Chain Geology and Intelligence (GEOHUMINT) Geosurveys, Publications, and Debate Seminars.
  • 1-Day, 3-Day and 10-Day Department of Veteran Affairs VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) 2–4 year college-university certificate seminars.
    SGI 3-day Forensic Geology – GEOHUMINT Seminar Announcement
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