Our Projects

SE Alaska

  • Gold and REE Exploration and Mining Geology
  • Alaska Gold Exploration and Mining
  • Oil and Gas Exploration


  • GeoSurvey Services
  • Gray Resources Ltd Gold, REE, and Copper Exploration and Mining
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


  • Reko Diq Gold Project, Copper, REE Exploration and Mining
  • Waste REE Waste Mitigation


  • REE production and Waste Mitigation
  • Copper Exploration


  • Anbar - Syria - Akkas Gas Field Exploration and Development
  • Gold Exploration
  • Non-Ferrous Metals and Industrial Minerals

North Pacific Arctic

  • Gold - REE Supply Chain Security
  • Copper Exploration
  • Rare Earth Element Metals Exploration
  • Clean and Alternative Energy Infrastructure Development


Oil Drilling Platform